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Sinden Lightgun Wiki

Available Shells

The Sinden Lightgun is the world’s first true LCD compatible Lightgun, providing all the functionality and game experience of the original CRT Lightguns without requiring additional hardware such as infra red sensor bars. It is always accurate even if you change position or angle which means you can ditch the crosshairs!

You can play all your favourite Lightgun games such as:

  • Duck Hunt
  • Time Crisis 1/2/3
  • Virtua Cop 1/2/3
  • House Of The Dead 1/2/3/4/Overkill
  • Point Blank 1/2/3
  • Terminator 2 Arcade
  • Star Wars Trilogy
  • Jurassic Park: Lost World
  • Mad Dog McCree
  • Battle Clash
  • Wild Gunman
  • Lethal Enforcers
  • Area 51

And many many more.