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First of all, not every game works with the PS Move Mouse Handler. Be sure to check RPCS3's forums and Github's Issues to be absolutely sure the game you want to play is compatible.

RPCS3 Download: HERE

Download No Mousey: HERE

Download Daemon tools lite: HERE

Download AHK: HERE

How to configure RPCS3 to work with Sinden Lightgun

A fix for Time Crisis 4 white screen: On GPU settings screen enable "write colour buffers" option.

Start the RPCS3 emulator and then click on the Config icon button.

Click on the I/O tab and change all the related settings following this picture:

Click on the Save button, load a game, and verify if the Lightgun works properly. Make sure you are using the Windowed Fullscreen mode (use Alt+Enter).

Start the Sinden Lightgun software, and change the following settings in the Button Assignment tab:

Pump Action = Mouse's Right Button (MouseRight)

Trigger = Mouse's Left Button (MouseLeft)

You must assign a button to the Mouse's Middle Button.

Sinden software button assigment.png

These are the actual RPCS3 mouse mappings:

  • Circle Button (O): Left+Right mouse button
  • Cross Button (X): Right mouse button
  • Triangle Button (△): Left+Right+Middle mouse buttons